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Choosing the Right Screw Drive Train

Parker Electric Cylinders Screw Drive Train Technology

There are three main types of screw drivetrains, each with advantages and disadvantages. All three types act as a linear force generation device, taking rotary torque input from a motor and converting it to linear thrust, but that’s where the similarity ends. Although two electric cylinders using different screw drive technologies might initially appear to offer comparable performance, once their relative merits are weighed, the differences become quite evident.

In addition to performance and cost considerations, it’s important to take into account how easy it is to source a given technology. Ball and leadscrews are widely available from numerous suppliers around the world. In contrast, few screw manufacturers produce roller screws. When designing a motion application in a global market, the availability of a given technology should be a deciding factor. Learn more about how to choose with a side by side comparison in this blog post.

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