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Parflex has a reputation for commitment to customers. We manufacture products that improve their bottom line by building hose, tubing and fittings with longer life spans, that speed up the installation process and reduce warranty and service issues in the field.

Bonded and Formed Hoses

Parflex Multi-Line Hoses consist of two to ten hoses (or a maximum width of 6 inches) in various combinations of sizes and types. Where needed, hoses can be separated to allow for routing.

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Parflex Products Circle the Globe

Parflex is a solution partner for engineered polymer-based hose and tubing for fluid transfer and fluid power companies, developing products that extend the life of their equipment and where possible, increase safety for operators. 
Parflex hoses are:
• more compact without reducing flow
• more flexible without compromising strength
• lighter without diminishing performance
From general hydraulic hoses (TOUGHJACKET Series offers 650x the abrasion resistance of rubber) in temperatures as low as -70°F to subsea hoses that reach 10,000 feet down onto the ocean floor, our comprehensive line includes low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic hoses that are resistant to heat, ozone, weather, chemicals, oil, flames, UV and abrasion.

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Parflex Industries

Parflex designs and manufactures thermoplastic and fluoropolymer hose, tubing and accessories that provide unique application solutions. Our customers appreciate the intrinsic value of our products and the application expertise of our employees. Learn more about how Parflex partners with customers to engineer products that solve application specific problems.

Parflex Locations

As part of the Parker Fluid Connectors Group, the Parflex Division manufactures hose and tubing for extreme application and provides systems for the conveyance and control of fluids.
Parflex division headquarters for sales, engineering, and manufacturing which includes extrusion, braiding, forming, hose and harness assembly. A dedicated R&D physical science laboratory also operates here.
Parker Parflex - Ohio
STAFFORD: High pressure hose and fitting assembly for oil and gas, hydraulic and waterblast hose.

FORT WORTH: Manufacturing facility for PTFE braided hose and fluoropolymer tubing, including PTFE, FEP and PFA. Value added products include formed tubing, heat shrink, convoluted and corrugated tubing.

MANSFIELD: PTFE braided hose manufacturing and silicon extrusion.
Parker Parflex - Texas
Manufacturing facility for thermoplastic hose and hybrid hose.
Parker Parflex - Wisconsin
Manufacturing facility for thermoplastic tubing, coiling and air hose assemblies.
Parker Parflex - North Carolina
Parflex sister division. Sales, engineering, and manufacture of high pressure oil and gas, hydraulic and waterblast hose for worldwide distribution.
Parker Parflex - Germany


Parker Hannifin Corporation Parflex Division
1300 N Freedom Street
Ravenna, OH 44266 USA

Phone  +1 (330) 296-2871
Fax +1 (330) 296-8433